It took a day to set up the microphones, after which this photo was taken
Bösendorfer organised the transport of the piano
Hans Muff contracts to Bösendorfer and has considerable experience with the Imperial piano
Studio is located behind the main house on a property on the outskirts of Vienna
The mic placement was critical, and was done by Hans Deutsch, a professor at Vienna University
The recording equipment was set up away from the studio in a completely separate room
Taken 2007, Paul Badura-Skoda was 80, and had just returned from a concert tour
Along side (just visible) are two more Bösendorfer Imperials, owned by Badura-Skoda
Photos - CEUS project recordings
Paul Badura-Skoda recording studio
Paul and Eva Badura-Skoda popped into visit
Arrival of and setting up the piano
The piano was tuned and voiced daily by piano technician Hans Muff
The Bosendorfer Imperial fitted with Bösendorfer's CEUS player system ready to record
The engineers: (from left) Peter Phillips, Gernot Reetz and Hans Deutsch
The recording equipment featured 'ghost supplies' to the microphones, which were AKG model 451C, with CK22 capsules
Vienna, March 2-11, 2007
The CEUS Project
Conceived and organised by US Fulbright Scholar Albert Frantz, this recording event took place 2-11 March 2007 at Paul Badura-Skoda's recording studio in Vienna. The aim was to record performances of Peter Phillips' MIDI files of Ampico piano rolls on a 2006 Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano fitted with Bosendorfer's new CEUS (as in Zeus) high-end computerised player system.

Bosendorfer sponsored the event by loaning the piano and having it tuned and voiced each day. Recordings were made in DVD audio format.

The 13 CDs of recordings were issued in 2010 and were made available as downloads through the Naxos Music Library. The recordings are now available through this website.

Some interesting facts
-  Badura-Skoda pointed out that the Imperial piano used to make these recordings had the same sound qualities as his 1925 Imperial.

- Bosendorfer provides purchasers of a CEUS-equipped instrument with the full set of Phillips MIDI files of Ampico rolls as developed by 2007 (around 1500 files).

- Yamaha now owns Bosendorfer, in a relatively hands-off business arrangement. The Phillips MIDI files are therefore not given to purchasers of Disklaviers.

- The CEUS MIDI player system was developed in Vienna, following a government grant. It replaces the previous arrangement Bosendorfer had with the Stanhke SE system, which is now no longer in production.