The CEUS project
The CEUS project
This recording event took place during March 2007 at veteran pianist Paul Badura-Skoda's recording studio in Vienna. The artists being recorded on a 2006 Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano were all deceased, having recorded their art on Ampico reproducing piano rolls. Instead of actual rolls, MIDI files (available from this website) were used to play the instrument, which was fitted with Bosendorfer's computerised MIDI mechanical player system, called the CEUS.
Bosendorfer Imperial as used in these recordings
CEUS player system making waves on a keyboard
All art music MIDI files used in the CEUS project recordings.  Click on image to purchase.
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Five excerpts:
1.  Magic Fire Music (Wagner) Rybner;
2. The Erlking (Schubert) Loesser;
3. Rhapsodie d'Auvergne (Saint-Saens) Brailowsky;
4. Appassionata 1st mov
(Beethoven) Levitzki;
5. Floods of Spring (Rachmaninoff) Suskind [Total time 3:15]
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Photos of some of the pianists in the series
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CDs and individual tracks are available from the Naxos MusicLibrary online service.
Photos making CEUS recordings
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CDs are available from this website as a download which includes comprehensive booklet notes and all artwork.
Revolutionary Etude Op.10 No.12 (Chopin), played by Mieczyslaw Munz
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Photos of the equipment, piano and people involved in making the CEUS recordings.
The result is a set of 12 CDs of classical works involving 62 concert pianists playing 166 works by 46 composers. A CD with 18 tracks of Gershwin's music was also recorded.
The exceptional capability of the Bosendorfer instrument has brought these historic performances to new highs, hence our claim Ampico rolls as you have never heard them.