Piano roll MIDI files
Piano roll MIDI files
Sound recordings
Label dedicated to producing recordings made from MIDI files of reproducing piano rolls
Recordings of classical works from Ampico rolls playing on a Bösendorfer Imperial piano fitted with Bösendorfer's CEUS MIDI player system.
We specialise in providing MIDI files of the music recorded on reproducing piano rolls for the Ampico, Duo-Art and all types of Welte instruments.
See CEUS project
MIDI file types
e-roll MIDI files
For playing on an original instrument fitted with MIDI valves, such as Hunt e-valve system
standard MIDI files
For Disklavier, PianoDisc, any MIDI piano
– description of this 2007 recording project
with links to audio file downloads
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Red Welte roll being recorded as a MIDI file while being monitored on a Disklavier
Setup to record a Red Welte while monitoring it on a Disklavier
– brief history of piano rolls and our MIDI files
– describes the MIDI file groups we offer
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